Comic Cuts. London: 25 Bouverie Street [Amalgamated Press]. No.1066. 15 October 1910.

This is the first presentation of the antics of Tom the Ticket-of-Leave Man (a convict on parole) and his supervising constable, P.C. Fairyfoot, drawn by Percy Cocking, the title doubtless borrowed from the popular Victorian melodrama The Ticket-of-Leave Man by Tom Taylor, 1863. When British comics begin to focus massively on a juvenile audience, Tom morphs into Jolly Tom the Merry Menagerie Man (1917), and is soon joined by The Terrible Twins (1918). The full series ran from 1910 to 1937, by which year Tom himself had long since retired, and the twins had turned into well-dressed but prank-loving schoolboys. See also F4.

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